Reasons to shop from us

Thank you to everyone that has ordered the new 5th Edition of TotalBasenji. Your purchases have helped donations to Basenji Rescue and Transport (BRAT)

These 9X9 stuff Basenji's have put a lot of smiles on faces during these troubled times. AND THE PHOTOS OF THE STUFFIES WITH YOUR BASENJI'S....PRICELESS!!

Please continue to send your photos, and I will be putting some of them on Facebook (with your permission).

Holiday Special pricing will continue...the entire 2021 year will be a holiday.

Please note that shipping costs have increased a great deal over the past couple of years, but TB will not be increasing. I will always research to get you the best cost. ***International Orders: If shipping costs do not appear on your order we will contact you with the shipping cost for approval, prior to processing your order.*** Shipping prices have increased, and if you prefer another form of shipping that may be lower in price, but take longer, and you want to pay insurance, please contact me:, and we can try to work something out. IF ANY QUESTIONS on availability, shipping, etc. contact

Welcome to the Total Basenji and Other Sight Hounds online store. For quick and easy online orders and payment via PayPal.


All colors of the 5th Edition are available

Red/white & TRI stockings available

Blk/white puppies still available

Thanks again for your support, and to everyone hug those Basenjis every day, and please stay safe.